Fourth graders pose in ‘live’ wax museum

Dressed as famous Idahoans and standing still as live wax figures, 18 fourth graders from Highlands Elementary School in Boise showcased people from the Gem State. The fourth annual ‘live’ wax museum is a project for Angela Troy’s fourth grade class. Students dressed as cyclist Kristin Armstrong, former NASA astronaut Barbara Morgan, alpine ski racer Picabo Street and many other well-known Idahoans.

“Students choose a famous Idahoan to research and then developed a presentation to highlight the legacy that the famous Idahoan has left behind,” said Angela Troy, a elementary teacher at Highlands Elementary. “It shows the students that Idaho has amazing people and those people have made an impact.”

Fourth grader William Strong dressed up as Vernon Law, a former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher from Meridian.

“It’s important because it teaches us many things about Idaho – that even though Idaho is small, it produces big-time people like Vernon Law,” Strong said.

Troy said: “This project is a positive experience and it allows the students to show what they know.”







Andrew Reed

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