Episode 61: Dysfunction and disagreement at the Statehouse

It was a funny not-quite-final week for the 2017 Legislature.

As legislative leaders pushed for a Friday adjournment, a handful of House conservatives pushed back. They used procedural delays to bring the House to a grinding halt. House Republicans held a three-hour closed-door caucus Thursday afternoon to air their grievances.

And with that, leadership set their adjournment timetable aside.

Lawmakers still have to work through some issues of substance: namely transportation funding and taxes. But this year’s work on K-12 issues is pretty much over. Before the House hit a standstill Thursday, lawmakers passed the seven public school budget bills in a fast 28 minutes Monday. The process didn’t take much longer in the Senate Wednesday.

Kevin Richert and Clark Corbin have spent the week, and the winter, covering the dysfunction and the debate at the Idaho Legislature. On this week’s Extra Credit podcast, they put things in perspective — and get you ready for next week.

Which, again, could be the final week.

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