Episode 35: The Ybarra budget

It’s still summer, but it’s also budget season.

On Thursday, state superintendent Sherri Ybarra unveiled her K-12 budget proposal for 2017-18. It’s the first word, but not the last word. In the next six months, Gov. Butch Otter and legislators will weigh in about how much the state should spend on K-12 — and where the money should go.

Ybarra sat down with our Clark Corbin to walk through her numbers. And in this week’s “Extra Credit” podcast, Corbin walks through the numbers with you.

Also in this week’s “Extra Credit:” the latest in the high-stakes legal battle over the remains of the Idaho Education Network. For taxpayers and project vendors, tens of millions of dollars are on the line. Our Kevin Richert catches you up on all the legal maneuvering.

All that and more, in one 19-minute podcast.


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