Episode 155: It Keeps Going and Going…

Welcome to episode 155 of the Extra Credit podcast.

With the Legislature still in session, a last-ditch, pared down funding formula bill is heading to the House floor for a vote. But even if this bill passes, it won’t change how Idaho pays for its schools.

Plus, a look at all of the week’s headlines.

Be sure to check back next week for another new episode of Extra Credit.

Clark Corbin

About Clark Corbin

Reporter Clark Corbin has covered Idaho government and education for more than a decade. He’s followed every legislative session, gavel-to-gavel, since 2011. Clark is a co-host of the Extra Credit podcast with Kevin Richert published on Fridays. You can follow him on Twitter: @clarkcorbin. He can be reached by email at ccorbin@idahoednews.org

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