Idaho Falls alters school calendar

IDAHO FALLS — The Idaho Falls School District has changed its 2018-19 calendar.

Trustees approved the revisions last week, according to the district’s webpage. Changes include:

  • A new school-ending date of May 31, instead of June 6.
  • Regular school days on Oct. 5 and Jan. 21, which were originally scheduled as teacher in-service days.
  • High school graduations will be rescheduled during the week of May 27.

An across-the-board reduction in instructional hours also accompanies the change. Here’s a breakdown of the new instructional hours, and how they compare to Idaho’s minimum requirements:

Grade Original hours   New hours  Change Minimum required
Kindergarten 457.2 454.5 -2.7 450
Grades 1-6 915.6 906 -9.6 900
Grades 7-8 1,029.9 1,020.4 -9.5 900
Grade 9 1,025 1,015.5 -9.5 990
Grades 10-11 1,021.5 1,012 -9.5 990
Grade 12 1,001 988 -13 979

The district changed the calendar after hearing from parents who wanted the school year to end in May.

The new calendar does not affect Thanksgiving and holiday vacations, or spring break.

Click here to view the updated calendar.

Devin Bodkin

Devin Bodkin

EdNews assistant editor and reporter Devin Bodkin is a former high school English teacher who specializes in stories about charter schools and educating students who live in poverty. He lives and works in East Idaho. Follow Devin on Twitter @dsbodkin. He can be reached by email at [email protected].

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