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New coronavirus case numbers fall to pre-delta, pre-omicron rates

COVID at two years: What has the health crisis meant for you?

Variants, vaccines and local control — Idaho’s two pandemic years

Idahoans share their stories on how COVID impacted their lives

Coronavirus case rates continue to slow

Boise trustees agree to phase out mask mandate

Boise to consider lifting its mask mandate in schools

Omicron surge shows signs of slowing

West Ada ends COVID exposure notifications to families

Caldwell trustees approve a temporary mask mandate

West Ada union calls for COVID-19 transparency

Omicron surge continues: weekly case numbers hit another record

Idaho’s week of grim coronavirus records, by the numbers

Omicron fuels a coronavirus surge, and some Idaho schools are already seeing spikes

Idaho numbers point to a coronavirus uptick

As omicron emerges nationally, Idaho’s weekly infection rate slows

New case numbers decrease; other coronavirus metrics are mixed

Judge halts vaccine mandate affecting colleges and universities

A reporting delay? Or an uptick? New coronavirus case numbers increase

Holiday week coronavirus numbers suggest a continued improvement

As hospital restrictions ease, coronavirus case rates continue to fall

Case rates fall, move toward pre-delta variant levels

Boise, Caldwell and Teton districts providing on-site COVID vaccines for youngsters

Coronavirus case numbers continue to recede; hospitalizations also decrease

Will federal vaccine executive order apply to all university employees?

Coronavirus case surge shows new signs of slowing

Idaho sues over vaccine mandate covering college campuses

Analysis: Vaccine mandates could come to Idaho college campuses. Here’s how.

‘It’s literally a race now:’ Idaho pushes to curb COVID-19 before winter sets in

Child coronavirus outbreak shows signs of a significant slowdown

New cases increase slightly; other COVID-19 metrics show signs of improvement

Idaho’s track record does not bode well for COVID-19 vaccination rollout for kids

A dropoff, or a data delay? New case numbers decrease

Another grim record: Child COVID-19 hospitalizations peak

McGeachin issues executive order on COVID-19 vaccine, testing requirements

Idaho COVID-19 deaths reach weekly peak

CDA trustees resign amidst masking uproar

After an angry confrontation, Coeur d’Alene district sets mask issue aside

What happened with Boise State’s gameday protocols?

COVID-19 trends: hospitalizations, child case rates continue to climb

Analysis: Some trustees and parents are making it tougher to track COVID-19 in schools

Idaho schools could get COVID testing cash in ‘a matter of days’

Across the board, a week of grim coronavirus numbers

Boise State ramps up stadium COVID protocols

Principal makes masks mandatory, bucking district policy

Analysis: State leaders sound tired, at the worst possible time

Victor Elementary closing due to increased absences

‘We cannot see a peak in sight;’ virus surge could force more health care rationing

Coronavirus hospitalizations surge; new cases show signs of tapering

Little pledges $10 million to combat substitute teacher shortages

Analysis: Idaho faces a sudden, unsurprising surge in K-12 coronavirus cases

West Ada sees small increase in mask opt-out numbers for students

Despite spiraling case numbers, Boise State maintains regular operations

School districts grapple with substitute teacher and bus driver shortages

Victor’s mask debacle reflects statewide debate

As schools reopen, K-12 coronavirus case numbers surge

Boise State coronavirus cases surge to a pandemic peak

Boise State COVID surge threatens face-to-face classes, campus events

One-third of West Ada students have decided not to wear masks in school

‘Teetering on the brink:’ Little deploys federal workers, National Guard to hospitals

Teton school shuns city mask mandate

Coronavirus case numbers flatten — but child case numbers keep climbing

Analysis: A $30 million testing plan won’t erase schools’ COVID-19 challenges

Thousands of West Ada parents line up to opt their children out of masking

Leaders contemplate mask mandates as school year begins

‘People have to choose to do the right thing:’ In AARP call, Little pushes for vaccinations

Coronavirus case numbers, hospitalizations continue summer surge

As schools prepare to open, coronavirus case numbers continue to climb

West Ada family splits up to navigate COVID-affected school year

Idaho parents: Yellow signals “no” to mask mandates

Little calls for back-to-school vaccines

As the school year approaches, Idaho’s coronavirus surge accelerates

Coronavirus case numbers continue to surge, passing a sobering milestone

Central District Health aligns K-12 guidance with new CDC recommendations

CDC reverses course on mask recommendations

A closer look at Idaho’s rising coronavirus case numbers

Boise School District lifts mask mandate for the fall

Analysis: Could the delta variant stop a ‘normal’ school year before it starts?

K-12 case numbers slowed significantly in 2021, according to final state report

Coronavirus trendline, 6.11.21: Vaccination numbers show signs of an uptick

Coronavirus trendline, 6.4.21: New case numbers approach a one-year low

Parents take to the Capitol to protest mask mandates

K-12 case numbers continue to decrease

Coronavirus trendline, 5.28.21: Mask drama rages, new case numbers remain flat

Seniors enjoy a traditional sendoff

K-12 coronavirus case numbers drop, but some hotspots persist

Coronavirus trendline, 5.21.21: Slow week for the virus and virus-related news

Idaho Falls, Nampa and Pocatello-Chubbuck make masks optional

K-12 coronavirus cases increase slightly

Coronavirus trendline, 5.14.21: New case numbers flat, vaccinations decrease

West Ada trustees agree to keep masks mandatory while indoors

K-12 case numbers move back upward

Campus coronavirus roundup, 5.10.21: Numbers continue to drop on most campuses

Coronavirus trendline, 5.7.21: Case numbers, vaccination numbers continue to tumble

K-12 coronavirus cases approach a seven-month low

Coronavirus trendline, 4.30.21: Vaccination numbers continue to tail off

K-12 coronavirus case numbers again increase slightly

Campus coronavirus roundup, 4.26.21: Cases inch upward at Boise State, BYU-Idaho

Coronavirus trendline, 4.23.21: New case numbers drop — but so do vaccination numbers

Campus coronavirus roundup, 4.19.21: An increase at U of I, decreases on several other sites

New K-12 coronavirus cases drop somewhat

Campus coronavirus roundup, 4.12.21: A week of low numbers, and a few modest increases

Coronavirus trendline, 4.9.21: Case numbers remain stable, vaccination numbers rebound

K-12 coronavirus numbers climb again after spring break

Campus coronavirus roundup, 4.5.21: Mass vaccinations at Boise State, case numbers stable

Coronavirus trendline, 4.2.21: Vaccination numbers slow, infection rate remains stagnant

U of I, Boise State push for student COVID vaccines

Coronavirus trendline, 3.26.21: Case numbers slow, vaccinations hit new peak

Campus coronavirus roundup, 3.22.21: A surprising decrease in cases at BYU-Idaho

Coronavirus trendline, 3.19.21: A Statehouse shutdown, and Idaho’s national hotspot

CDC shortens social-distancing guidance to 3 feet for students in school

Analysis: Idaho grudgingly accepts a staggering windfall from the feds

K-12 coronavirus cases remain stagnant

Pandemic pushes school nurses to phone duty

Campus coronavirus roundup, 3.15.21: Case spikes mirror statewide trends

Coronavirus trendline, 3.12.21: As anniversary approaches, new case numbers increase

K-12 cases remain essentially flat, decrease slightly

Campus coronavirus roundup, 3.8.21: Cases rise sharply at U of I

Analysis: This year’s ISATs could be a federally mandated reality check

Some students learn responsibility in pandemic-altered year

Idaho ratchets up vaccine rollout, once again

Campus coronavirus roundup, 3.1.21: Case numbers rise at Eastern Idaho schools

Coronavirus trendline, 2.26.21: After a long slowdown, case numbers creep upward

Most big districts returning to in-person learning

State health officials hopeful for new vaccine authorization

Campus coronavirus roundup, 2.22.21: Cases drop on several campuses

Parents share how isolation has affected their children

Winter state tournaments tip off with attendance limits

Grades drop in pandemic-altered school year

Little touts ‘incredible progress’ rolling out vaccine and fighting COVID pandemic

Pandemic poses challenges for students learning English

Districts face staff shortages with return to full-time

Girls basketball caught in crossfire of crowd-size discussion

State launches expanded COVID vaccine distribution data

Campus coronavirus roundup, 2.8.21: Sharp decreases at several schools

Legislators launch new effort to repeal limit on crowds and gatherings

Analysis: A new flood of federal money makes a ‘good’ budget year more complicated

Schools fight COVID-19 with air purification systems

Campus coronavirus roundup, 2.1.21: Case numbers drop on most campuses

Coronavirus trendline, 1.29.21: Another big dropoff in new cases

State reports additional MIS-C cases

Health and Welfare director: Repealing emergency order would disrupt COVID vaccine rollout

Campus coronavirus cases creep upward, positive case rates stay low

Statehouse showdown escalates; Little accuses legislators of pushing misinformation

Campus coronavirus roundup: Vaccines offer hope, but not immediately

Small crowds return to high school sports events

Teachers and schools staff slated to get COVID vaccines next month

Seven percent of Idahoans have contracted COVID-19 since March

Campus coronavirus roundup, 12.21.20: Cases exceeded 5,400 for fall semester

CORONAVIRUS TRENDLINE, 12.18.20: Sharp trends dip after post-Thanksgiving surge

NEA study shows student trends during the pandemic

Middleton trustees shorten quarantine periods for students and staff

K-12 coronavirus case numbers dip after Thanksgiving surge

Campus coronavirus roundup, 12.14.20: Hitting the fall finish line

Little: Hospitals face a worsening crisis from the pandemic

Analysis: A long, slow, frightening road to post-pandemic ‘normal’

It’s coming: first shipment of COVID vaccine could reach Idaho next week

Central District Health votes ‘no’ on order, prep sports already taken off

Campus coronavirus roundup, 12.7.20: After the break, a mixed bag

‘Our students live here:’ The challenges, and successes, of reopening campuses in the pandemic

Campus coronavirus roundup, 11.30.20: A holiday break brings a decrease in case numbers

State to reopen applications for remote learning grants

Campus coronavirus roundup, 11.23.20: As Thanksgiving break arrives, numbers are mixed

Educators continue in-person instruction amid COVID surge

Analysis: What we know (and don’t know) about COVID-19 vaccines and Idaho schools

Campus coronavirus roundup, 11.16.20: Case numbers spike, nearly across the board

Analysis: In a pandemic, colleges struggle even more to attract Idaho graduates

Campus coronavirus roundup, 11.09.20: Case numbers (and testing) ramp up at Boise State

Rapid COVID tests are available to school staff, but testing strategy varies

Campus coronavirus roundup, 11.02.20: Case numbers decrease on most campuses

Young students lost ground in reading during COVID-19 disruptions

As schools reopen, children’s coronavirus case numbers double in two months

Kindergarten enrollments are down during the pandemic

Health officials move West Ada, Boise and Kuna schools to red COVID-19 risk classification

White House coronavirus task force recommends moving some Idaho schools online

Want a state grant to offset online learning costs? Stay tuned

First shipment of new COVID tests arrives, but details remain scarce

Thousands of teachers and staff to be tested for coronavirus in the coming months

Officials put Lemhi, Custer and Teton counties at ‘moderate’ risk for COVID-19

Analysis: Will parents get the K-12 coronavirus data they need and deserve?

Idaho teens share a common concern: mental health

Health and Welfare officials monitoring COVID outbreaks at colleges and universities

Campus coronavirus update: 9.28.20

The state extends window to test reading

Analysis: The feds’ COVID campus aid fills some gaps, but only some

Middleton school employee dies from COVID-19

Health and Welfare: School-by-school coronavirus reports could come soon

North Star Charter closes elementary following COVID-19 surge

Analysis: ‘The best we have for now.’ Reopening hinges on limited test numbers.

CARES Act: A $313 million federal cash infusion into Idaho education

Analysis: The school year gets off to a chaotic start, but that was the plan

Compare operational plans and county coronavirus risk levels on our map

Analysis: Lawmakers wish away a pandemic

‘It’s a really tough situation:’ Working parents navigate virtual learning

Little pushes for safety as schools face reopening challenges

Should masks be mandatory or optional in public schools?

Vallivue staff members quarantined following possible COVID-19 exposure

Should school open in person, online or a hybrid of the two?

Middleton wants to write its own reopening metrics

ISBA director urges school boards to follow public health guidance

Caldwell pivots to start school online this fall

‘A lot to learn’: 27-year teacher goes digital during coronavirus

North Idaho schools at mid-level risk of coronavirus transmission

Bonneville makes masks mandatory

Boise, West Ada and Kuna schools placed in highest COVID-19 risk category

Reopening schools revolves around two issues, says district health program manager

This week’s coronavirus trendline (7.31.20 edition)

Episode 219: Idaho’s Evolving School Reopening Debate

Analysis: In a long, simmering summer of coronavirus, Boise trustees wrestle with reopening

Legislative working group calls for special session to address liability issues

Kuna implements blended-learning model

Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley counties should not expect to see schools in lowest risk category

State department gearing up for full round of tests

Ada County mask mandate will apply to schools

This week’s coronavirus trendline (7.24.20 edition)

State OK’s $31 million in school coronavirus aid

Boise sets date to decide on in-person vs. online learning

Little on school reopenings: ‘I think the answer is, it depends.’

Idaho reports another one-day peak in coronavirus deaths

Pocatello-Chubbuck mandates masks for students and teachers

Health officials sound alarm about coronavirus test rates

Our kids are ready to be back in school. We’re struggling with our options.

Caldwell delays start to school year, shifts to blended learning because of coronavirus

Coronavirus roundup: Lawmakers look at reopening issues, skeptics grill Little

Public health officials to help define school reopening categories

This week’s coronavirus trendline (7.17.20 edition)

Analysis: The disconnect between the realities and the rhetoric of reopening

Teachers express safety concerns as first day of school draws closer

Bonneville, Pocatello-Chubbuck shape reopening plans around COVID-19

State Board approves blended learning recommendations

State reports one-day peak in coronavirus cases, and deaths

Game on? High school activities association director says yes — for now.

No splash for cash: West Ada foundation cancels water park fundraiser

SDE distributes hand sanitizer, masks to schools ahead of reopening

This week’s coronavirus trendline (7.10.20 edition)

Sports can mean everything to teens. They did to me.

Little, State Board of Education push for schools to reopen

President Trump sent a clear message to public schools and universities: Get open

Little: Ignoring health guidelines jeopardizes school reopening

Fall sports could significantly complicate reopening schools amid pandemic

Little’s school reopening committee plans to release guidance Thursday

Boise State reopens campus to some employees

Little’s school reopening committee cancels meeting, delays action on draft guidelines

Coronavirus cases hit another single-day peak

This week’s coronavirus trendline (6.26.20 edition)

State pushes toward appeal in Reclaim Idaho lawsuit

Episode 216: State Responds To Increase In Boise Coronavirus Cases

Coronavirus response: 6.26.20: Boise State extends campus closure

Analysis: Bar closings, school openings and local control

Idaho reports one-day record increase in coronavirus cases

Little expresses concern over increase in COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus case spike prompts Boise State closure

Coronavirus: Ada County closes bars, bans gatherings

Education news roundup, 6.22.20: School reopening committee plans tight deadline

Little’s critics organize ‘special session’ of Legislature. But will it even be a session?

This week’s coronavirus trendline (6.19.20 edition)

Episode 215: Local School Districts to Develop Fall Reopening Plans

Boise approves fall reopening plan

State Board will allow local school boards to develop reopening plans

Thermometers, sanitizers and masks: reopening school during a pandemic

Little urges caution as Idaho advances through reopening plan

The coronavirus trendline (6.15.20 edition)

Episode 214: A Closer Look at Idaho’s Coronavirus Response

State Board requests CARES Act funding to develop blended learning system

Idaho coronavirus response, 6.9.20: Ybarra says questions remain about return to school in the fall

Reclaim Idaho sues Little over ballot initiative

This week’s coronavirus trendline (6.5.20 edition)

Surveys say: Parents want children to return to school in the fall

Little plans to move to a regional response to coronavirus pandemic

Idaho State announces fall reopening plan

State Board issues emergency relief funding recommendations

This week’s coronavirus trendline (5.29.20 edition)

Episode 212: A Glimpse Into What School Might Look Like This Fall

Idaho to advance to stage three of reopening plan

Superintendents discuss strategies for returning to school in the fall

Smart thermometer partnership seeks to track coronavirus in schools

Idaho coronavirus infection rate shows signs of slowing

Little says schools reopening in the fall is a top priority

USA Today: Parents, teachers are apprehensive about reopening schools

This week’s coronavirus trendline: (5.22.20 edition)

COVID testing task force unveils suggestions

Educators head into a tight and uncertain negotiation season

Analysis: A novel virus exposes an old rift within Idaho’s GOP

Idaho’s all-star teachers share ups-and-downs of distance learning

Little addresses questions, reservations about reopening

Unfamiliar math strategies complicate distance-learning for parents and teachers

Little eases coronavirus restrictions — and urges Idahoans to remain vigilant

Analysis: In keeping with the times, Idaho holds an unpredictable primary election

Colleges and universities hope to bring students back in the fall

State Board declines to stream strategy meeting to the public

Little plans to use federal dollars to offset tech budget cuts

Idaho coronavirus response, 5.12.20: SDE plans webinar to address budget holdbacks

Map: More Idaho school boards approve reopening plans

Facing coronavirus crunch, University of Idaho seeks furloughs

Colleges, universities roll out emergency student aid

Minico plans May 21 public graduation ceremony

This week’s coronavirus trendline (5.8.20 edition)

Episode 210: Some Closure On School Closures

Public charter school eyes May 18 reopening

State revenues fell short of forecast by 60 percent amid coronavirus pandemic

Analysis: School reopening question is answered — but only for now

Nampa Christian: a school reopening outlier

Ybarra, Khan Academy founder discuss online learning strategies

Idaho coronavirus response, 5.5.20: Ybarra calls for transforming education

A private school reopens; public schools plan small gatherings to help kids

State Board revises school reopening criteria

College of Idaho plans to reopen campus for fall

“A helpless feeling”: Hundreds of children unaccounted for in the switch to distance learning

The coronavirus trendline: The week in review (5.1.20 edition)

Little allows his stay-home order to expire; Idaho’s economic reopening begins Friday

Some schools hope to reopen in May

Idaho’s spike in coronavirus test numbers, explained

Remote learning in rural Idaho: A closer look at the transition

Little prepares to reopen Idaho’s economy

Trump: States should ‘maybe get going’ on reopening schools

State Board considering new statewide system to facilitate distance learning

In response to coronavirus crisis, Boise State will phase out staff contracts

Meet the students who are working your essential jobs

The coronavirus trendline: The week in review (4.24.20 edition)

Episode 208: Education Leaders Brace for Another Round of Budget Cuts

Analysis: Like K-12, higher education struggles to shift to remote instruction

Little unveils a plan to reopen Idaho’s economy

Nampa cheers on seniors with drive-by cap and gown pickup

Administrators split on reopening school this spring

Ybarra tells school leaders to brace for new spending cuts of up to 5 percent

Highlights from our interview with Debbie Critchfield

Little: ‘I see no anticipation of increasing taxes’

Coronavirus crunch forces furloughs at Boise State

Los niños salen al campo después del cierre de la escuela

U of I shifts into coronavirus research project

Children take to the fields following school closures

The coronavirus trendline: The week in review (4.17.20 edition)

Episode 207: What it takes to reopen Idaho schools

IHSAA cancels spring activities

Analysis: From the reckoning to a long, slow reopening

Schools revamp grading policies amid shift to remote learning

State Board approves criteria for reopening schools

Join us Tuesday for a live remote conversation with Debbie Critchfield

Colleges, universities prepare to send out coronavirus student aid

Little extends statewide stay-home order through April 30

Idaho Business for Education collects computers for kids

‘No longer my life’: A pandemic through sixth-grade eyes

Idaho coronavirus update, 4.14.20: Little poised to extend restrictions

Tribune: Early signs point to paltry turnout for spring primary

Idaho coronavirus update, 4.13.20: Pass/fail grading systems debate; stimulus funding update

Little will discuss — and likely extend — stay-at-home order Wednesday

ISU president outlines bleak budget outlook

Educators help fill demand for personal protective equipment

The coronavirus trendline: a week in review

Idaho coronavirus update, 4.10.20: Federal stimulus will provide $56 million for Idaho higher education

Analysis: An existential crisis looms over Idaho’s vacant college campuses

Short-term campus cashflow issues could set the stage for a fiscal crunch

Boise votes to close schools for the rest of the year

Idaho’s two largest districts call tens of thousands of families to map Internet access

Coronavirus news, 4.8.20: Ybarra leaves grading decisions to local school leaders amid pandemic

Little forms committee to oversee coronavirus stimulus spending

Little says stay-home order about to pay dividends

With the door to schools still ajar, district leaders ponder their next steps

State Board extends school closure through the end of the academic year — with a caveat

A high statewide rate, with big fluctuations: Reading Idaho’s coronavirus numbers

Idaho coronavirus update, 4.6.20: Business group seeks laptop donations

“Most of us don’t have places to go”

Statesman: Boise State students who violate stay-home order could face eviction

Coronavirus cases in Idaho: the trendline

Idaho coronavirus update, 4.3.20: State Board not discussing holding students back due to extended closures

Another state shutters its schools for the year

Idaho Coronavirus update, 4.2.20: SDE assures schools they won’t lose funding due to closures and attendance

Widespread uncertainty transforms teaching

Analysis: After one long month of March, 2020 resembles 2008

Idaho coronavirus update, 4.1.20: State cancels high school SAT Day

Advice from an online educator

Nampa connects with kids who don’t have reliable Internet, or a home

Little urges Idahoans to adhere to stay-home order or risk spike in COVID-19 cases

At the heart of Idaho’s coronavirus outbreak, Blaine County officials ponder the future

Idaho coronavirus update: 3.30.20: State Board to consider extending school closures

Denney wanted to delay the primary, but that won’t happen

West Ada to launch districtwide remote learning on April 13

Little orders budget cuts — affecting K-12 and higher education

Idaho coronavirus update, 3.26.20: Educators are essential; first three deaths confirmed

The coronavirus stimulus bill: the stakes for schools

Boise State cancels spring commencement

“A lot of uncertainty”: Planning for special education in the age of coronavirus

Analysis: How Little has approached this unfathomable crisis

Little issues statewide stay-home order

Shutdown order poses daunting challenges for local educators

Little faces questions about coronavirus response, lack of statewide closures

Coronavirus prompts districts to reconsider funding requests

Tracking the coronavirus: Why Idaho’s numbers don’t match

Blackfoot buses meals to kids at home

State Board orders four-week school closure

Little signs proclamations; declines to order school, restaurant closures

More Idaho colleges call off spring commencement

DeVos urges educators to instruct kids remotely

03.21.20 Coronavirus News: Middleton district visitor may have been contagious

Boise State closed to general public after staffer tests positive for coronavirus

DeVos gives the green-light to cancel state testing

Boise State, U of I announce cancellations and closures

State to issue isolation order for Blaine County

Resources: Free meals, internet for children across Idaho

Statehouse roundup, 3.19.20: House votes down motion to adjourn amid coronavirus pandemic

Nampa schools preparing to teach online

“It’s quite lonely”: Educators brace for extended breaks

Little urges Idahoans to avoid groups of 10 or more and to work from home

Coronavirus news, 3.18.20: Blaine County plans coronavirus screenings

Analysis: The 2020 Legislature goes from surreal to scary

Thursday updates: School closures across Idaho

Coronavirus thrusts Idaho schools into uncharted instructional territory

Wallace and other small districts keep schools open for now

Idahoans express concern over coronavirus testing

How do families adjust to school closures amid a pandemic?

On the first day of school closures, Boise tries to help families in a bind

Ybarra announces several changes in response to concern over the coronavirus

IHSAA shuts down high school sports, other activities

Little declines to call for statewide school closures; leaves decision to local leaders

UPDATED: Governor to discuss closing schools with top education leaders

Idaho’s first coronavirus case is linked to ISU-Meridian campus

CDC: Short, early school closures probably won’t slow the spread of coronavirus

Coeur d’Alene and Blaine County School District announce coronavirus closures

Idaho colleges, universities shift coursework online amid coronavirus pandemic

Idaho’s first coronavirus case confirmed in Ada County

Little issues emergency coronavirus declaration

Lawmakers push toward adjournment amid coronavirus concerns

Idaho State University closes Meridian campus; other institutions shift coursework online