For West Ada and Boise schools, yellow means go … gradually

West Ada students will be back in school starting Monday. The Boise School District will begin allowing students back in school on Sept. 21.

West Ada starts the first day back with connectivity issues

The district says web-filtering issues and problems with national service Blackboard are slowing down connectivity.

Boise schools could begin reopening Sept. 21 — but gradually

Pre-K through second-grade students would be the first children back in school, under Boise’s reopening plan outlined Thursday.

Nampa decides to keep school fully online

Trustees also voted 4-1 to allow the district’s fall athletics programs to resume practices starting Thursday. 

CDH sticks to online learning recommendation for West Ada

The state’s largest school district will begin the school year online on Sept. 8. Parents have pushed for schools to open, and protesters showed up at district headquarters Monday morning.

Nampa starts school fully online

Sixth grader teacher Lindsay Hines shares the details of her first day — desks were empty but her schedule was full.

Parents ask West Ada for in-person choice, teachers more reserved

Trustees in the state’s largest district will decide next week how to reopen schools for 40,000 kids.

Analysis: Boise’s school year begins, with a rocky online rollout

The state’s second-largest school district is waiting for 13,000 student computing devices — three months after placing a $2.7 million order. Shifting into online learning is a tough job, even with a summer to prepare.

Boise starts the fall with virtual learning

Tech hiccups meant the district had to call more staff to its service center, but some parents said online learning got off to a relatively smooth start.

Boise students will start the school year at home

Trustees voted to teach virtually until Sept. 8, and possibly return to school in person if coronavirus case rates drop.