Is scholarship makeover bill in jeopardy?

The $5.9 million scholarship bill was scheduled for a House vote Thursday. In the face of opposition, House Education Committee Chairman Reed DeMordaunt pulled the bill back for another hearing.

BSU project funded through June 2014

The Idaho Leads Project, supported by a grant from the Albertson Foundation, will continue to help strengthen leadership capacity in Idaho’s K-12 schools.

Charter buildings stipend bill introduced

At two recent “listening sessions,” charter school advocates clamored for more money. But this bill, creating a $1.4 million stipend for charter facilities, is likely to face a Statehouse battle.

Record number of students taking AP courses

The number of Idaho high school graduates who have taken an AP exam increased by 75 percent over the past 10 years.

Idaho prepares for its second SAT day

Nearly 17,000 Idaho high school juniors took the SAT last spring, at the state’s expense. But only one in four made the grade for career and college readiness.

SCF ‘funding fix’ plan sails through the House

The next stop for the $30 million funding plan is the Senate. Education Committee Chairman John Goedde and Vice Chairman Dean Mortimer are co-sponsors of the bill.

Scholarship makeover passes House Ed

Bills to revamp Idaho college scholarships, encourage e-delivery of teacher contracts and tweak the state’s college savings plan are headed to the House floor, with the House Education Committee’s blessing.

School boards: Tax repeal bill isn’t ‘workable’

The Idaho School Boards Association is joining cities and counties in opposition to the first draft of a bill to repeal $141 million in business personal property taxes.

For IEN, a year of ‘staggering’ growth

High school students took 88 years’ work of college credits over the Idaho Education Network last fall. Now, the IEN is encouraging schools to find new ways to tap the broadband technology.

JFAC agrees with Otter’s spending plan

Budget writers endorse a 3 percent increase in overall state spending, which could mean more money for education.