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Endowment watch: Most cabin owners stay put

Despite a continued controversy over the value of the state’s scenic lakeside sites, 95 percent of summer cabin owners have applied to keep their leases.

Smylie ‘resisting’ another superintendent’s run

Steve Smylie, a teacher and former state representative, says he’s been approached about making another run for state schools superintendent in 2014. But the Boise Republican says he’s leaning against it for now.

Complex teacher ‘exodus’ debate is rekindled

Teachers, at the K-12 and college level, accounted for 7 percent of the state’s out-migration from 2008 to 2011, according to a recent Boise State Public Radio report. But the numbers do not necessarily signal an exodus.

Nampa ups the ante in union negotations

A new law, with roots in Proposition 1, allows school districts to require unions to prove they represent at least 50 percent of a district’s staff. The Nampa School District was quick to put this law into practice.

Boise trustee decries Common Core ‘hysteria’

A few tidbits from the Common Core front: A Boise School Board member defends the controversial standards, saying they will deliver ‘long-term benefits’ for the district’s 25,000 students.

Treasure Valley students outpace Idaho peers, slightly

Treasure Valley education, business and nonprofit leaders have a lofty goal for local graduates — and a new “report card” spells out the magnitude of the task.

The task force’s eight (unanswered) questions

Going to the education task force hearing in Boise Thursday? Here’s what the task force wants to discuss. And here’s a hint: Common Core isn’t on the list, even obliquely.

Prom shot glass saga: another round

A Jerome High School student says the school prom shot glass controversy has her rethinking running for student council.

Scouting the K-12 interim committee

A legislative “interim committee” on education will be officially named in late May. But behind the scenes, some of the pieces are starting to fall into place.

Elections 2014: blockbuster or bore?

Even with many big races up for grabs, could the 2014 Idaho elections turn out to be a snoozer? A veteran Idaho political watcher floats the theory.