Counselors hit the road, hoping to boost grim FAFSA completion numbers

As of June 14, only 36% of Idaho high school seniors had filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The State Board of Education is sponsoring FAFSA Summer Office Hours events across Idaho in the coming weeks.

Professor prevails in Tik Tok defamation trial

A Tik Tok personality had accused history professor Rebecca Scofield of orchestrating the November 2022 slayings of four U of I students.

Is Launch reaching a new group of graduates? It’s possible

Many Launch applicants have grade-point averages that fall below the statewide mean of 2.9, suggesting the program is connecting with students who wouldn’t normally consider college.

Dueling motions in the long-brewing Boise State-Big City Coffee case

Attorneys for Boise State University pushed for a dismissal, while Big City’s attorneys want to bring Boise State President Marlene Tromp back into the case, Erin Banks Rusby of Boise Dev reported Friday.

UPDATED: U of I president folds more than $7,000 into GOP legislative primaries

Several of the donations went to lawmakers who have sided with the U of I in its bid to buy the University of Phoenix.

UPDATED: IEA-funded group targets Horman over school choice

Right 2 Learn has received $90,000 from the Idaho Education Association’s political arm. The PAC has spent close to $70,000 in an attempt to oust state Rep. Wendy Horman, R-Idaho Falls, the co-chair of the Legislature’s budget committee.

School choice PAC: Statehouse opponents are targets

“If you’re a candidate or lawmaker who opposes school choice – you’re a target,” an American Federation for Children director told Idaho Education News. The group has spent close to $228,000, mostly on negative campaigning.

State seeks answers about anti-Moyle PAC

Secretary of State Phil McGrane’s office wants Retire Career Politicians to register as an Idaho political committee by Tuesday. The written request came Thursday — the same day Idaho Education News asked McGrane’s office for information about the group.

IEA plans to keep its May endorsements hush-hush

Meanwhile, the union’s political arm contributed $50,000 to a Republican-led group opposing school choice measures.

State Board gives U of I go-ahead to begin housing expansion

The projects could cost $195 million over three years. The first phase, for planning and design, has a $12 million price tag.