Teacher Evaluations ’22

The history, context and conflicts of teacher evaluations

They were supposed to be a golden ticket to strengthen education, attract teachers and boost morale. But more often, they are tedious checklists that have minimal impact on teacher pay. 

Administrators wish they had more flexibility

It’s currently a streamlined system that’s consistent statewide, but isn’t always the best or most appropriate measuring stick.

Performance makes almost no impact on pay

Evaluations and bonus initiatives intended to reward high-performing teachers ended up being overly-complicated, feeble, and/or short-lived

Spelling it Out: A tutorial on teacher evaluations

Idaho administrators are required to evaluate all teachers every year. These evaluations matter because they are tied to tax dollars – teachers must earn a proficient or distinguished rating to be eligible for raises. And the more teachers who score high marks, the more money the state gives a district for salaries. Historically, nearly all…