Teacher Evaluation

Lowest-performing schools report high-performing teachers

In 28 of the 29 schools, at least 91 percent of teachers earned an overall score of “proficient” or better on their evaluation.

Kerby reprimanded for violating state law and code of ethics

The lawmaker and former superintendent “willfully or deliberately” omitted teacher evaluation data, according to a state review panel.

State reprimands Sugar-Salem superintendent for altering data

“…Dunn misrepresented or deliberately omitted information regarding the evaluation of personnel…” a state agency ruled.

97 percent of teachers earn top marks on latest evaluations

State Board of Education member Debbie Critchfield believes evaluations are improving and the State Board has added more transparency to the process with its annual review process.

Danielson framework creator expresses concerns over Idaho teacher evaluations

Charlotte Danielson said local principals and administrators tend to overinflated evaluation scores because of social pressure.

New evaluation report outlines improvements — and ongoing confusion

Fewer than half of evaluations reviewed met all the criteria, according to a State Board of Education report issued Thursday. School leaders say they want better direction going forward. (INSIDE: short video clip of the “salient” point).

Confusion abounds in wake of teacher evaluations review

Some school districts destroy classroom observations, while others keep them and were able to give them to the state for review. A state spokesman said submitting the observations for review “wasn’t optional.”

More errors uncovered in state’s flawed teacher evaluation report

Leaders of two additional school districts said they inaccurately reported awarding identical evaluation scores to all teachers in order to meet a state reporting deadline.

Most teachers receive high marks in error-filled evaluation data

Administrators from 35 school districts and charter schools awarded identical overall scores to all of their teachers, while three school districts confirmed errors or omissions among the data.

Superintendent: Evaluations altered to protect teacher privacy

Sugar-Salem superintendent says release of data he considers private could further hinder efforts to recruit teachers, thereby undermining the goal of the carer ladder salary law.