Missing Students

Students came from the across the globe — and stayed in Caldwell

International student enrollment fell precipitously during the pandemic. But the College of Idaho grew its international student community, by supporting students who had to stay in school and couldn’t go home.

Even as the pandemic recedes, students might not return to campus

Is Idaho’s college enrollment decline a blip, caused by the coronavirus, or a sign of a bigger trend? Many of the early numbers for 2021-22 are ominous.

The student experience: adjusting to classes and campus life in a pandemic

For first-year students and for returning college students, the coronavirus was a constant specter, looming over an uncertain school year.

Eighteen months, 5,000 students: Idaho colleges and universities face a deep enrollment decline

Not unlike the scientists and infectious disease experts who have tried to unlock the mysteries of the coronavirus, college and university officials have been trying to determine the pandemic’s effects on their institutions. Here’s what we know about 2020-21.

Why they showed up: Three students tell their stories

For students who returned to campus for the 2020-21 school year, showing up was a matter of setting aside concerns about the coronavirus, or accepting required protocols.