Life After High School

PART FOUR: It will take even more time and money to reach Idaho’s ’60 percent goal’

Idaho wants more young adults to finish college or obtain a postsecondary certificate. And education leaders have several ideas that they think will make a difference — eventually.

PART THREE: As Idaho tries to sell the value of college, the sticker price keeps rising

Idaho’s college fees remain among the lowest in the nation. But the cost is rising, ahead of the rate of inflation — leaving some students in a bind.

PART TWO: A defining decision — five high school students talk about their plans

Idaho is pouring millions of dollars into programs to encourage high school students to continue their education. For students, the decision does not hinge on public policy, but instead on personal preference.

PART ONE: After five years and $100 million, Idaho remains far from its ’60 percent goal’

Free college classes in high school. More college scholarships. More college and career counselors. But Idaho still struggles to convince high school graduates to continue their education. Why? Part one of a four-story series.