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U of I funnels $7.3 million of Phoenix consulting to Green’s former employer

The University of Idaho has run up more than $10 million of consulting costs — and counting. If the University of Phoenix purchase falls through, the U of I might be forced to eat the costs.

A.G.’s Supreme Court appeal could obstruct Phoenix purchase

Attorney General Raúl Labrador filed paperwork for an appeal Friday — which could pose another time-consuming obstacle to the University of Idaho’s controversial plan to acquire the University of Phoenix.

Phoenix fallout? Moody’s places U of I’s bond rating under review

The University of Idaho now has an A1 bond rating. The proposed $685 million University of Phoenix purchase jeopardizes that high rating, analysts said last week.

Analysis: A Legislature scorned demands to be heard on the Phoenix purchase

It’s going to be a Statehouse showdown. And one the University of Idaho and the State Board of Education could have seen coming.

U of I accreditors complete review of Phoenix purchase

Accreditors did not weigh in on the merits — or the financial implications — of the $685 million purchase. The U of I says the completed review brings the deal “one step closer” to the finish line.

Employee survey indicates support for Phoenix purchase

But months after the proposed $685 million University of Phoenix purchase went public, many U of I employees still said they had no opinions about the purchase, or were unsure about it.

Judge rejects Labrador’s open meetings lawsuit against State Board

Tuesday’s ruling clears one major obstacle blocking the University of Idaho’s proposed $685 million University of Phoenix purchase. U of I officials hope to close the complex and controversial deal early this year.

Analysis: Trial spotlights transparency — but not the Phoenix purchase

A robust public debate over government transparency is healthy and useful. It’s too bad Idahoans have never been afforded the same opportunity to debate the proposed University of Phoenix purchase.

Green says the U of I outbid multiple suitors for the University of Phoenix

On the witness stand Wednesday, University President C. Scott Green talked at greater detail than ever before about the pursuit of Phoenix. A civil suit could stymie the $685 million deal; the trial continues Thursday.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The dollar store of higher education:’ Skeptics say the Phoenix purchase would cheapen the U of I brand

Emails are the closest the public got to a public hearing on the University of Idaho’s proposal. EdNews spoke to six people who spoke up against the $685 million megadeal in May — hours before the State Board signed on.