Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluations were intended to be a tool for teachers to receive feedback and improve, and to identify and elevate the best. Sometimes they are meaningful, but other times a trivial checklist. In this series, we take a look at the state of teacher evaluations – where they are now and how they got here.

Featured Series

Stories about Idaho’s educators, students and policy makers plus features on bright spots in Idaho education.

Spelling it Out: A tutorial on teacher evaluations

Idaho administrators are required to evaluate all teachers every year. These evaluations matter because they are tied to tax dollars — teachers must earn a proficient or distinguished rating to be eligible for raises. And the more teachers who score high marks, the more money the state gives a district for salaries. Historically, nearly all…

Spelling it out: Bonds and Levies

If you’re an Idaho voter, chances are that you’ve seen bonds and levies on the ballot at some point – or will in the future. And if so, that means the local school district is asking taxpayers like you to supplement its state and federal dollars with property taxes. Ultimately, it’s up to local patrons…