Idaho EdNews Podcasts

Episode 34: Breaking Down Idaho’s Tax Shift

This week on Extra Credit: Kevin Richert breaks down Idaho’s 2006 tax shift.

Episode 33: A Deep Dive into Math Achievement

Following the money to find out if Idaho lawmakers realized a return on their investment in the Idaho math initiative.

Episode 32: Developing School Accountability

This week on Extra Credit: Breaking down the state’s new school accountability model and a closer look at whether strings are attached to the funding for literacy remediation.

Episode 31: All About IASA

This week on Extra Credit: school accountability, the new literacy initiative and direct admissions to Idaho colleges and universities.

Episode 30: Podcast Wars and Legal Briefs

This week, Kevin Richert takes on a rival Idaho podcast, plus all the week’s education news — from state legal briefs, to new superintendents and an upcoming education conference.

Episode 29: RNC on EDU

Welcome to episode 29 of the Extra Credit podcast. This week, hosts Kevin Richert and Clark Corbin take a closer week at the Republican National Convention. From the pageantry and theater, to the outright silliness and — oh yeah — the policy what could it all mean for Idaho? Plus, the latest on what to…

Episode 28: A Deep Dive into Teacher Evaluations

Idaho Education News policy expert Randy Schrader joins the podcast this week to share his expertise on Idaho’s teacher evaluation system — and major changes that could be forthcoming.

Episode 27: Good news in higher education

This week on Extra Credit: Idaho lands in the top five nationally in a new report on higher education, an innovative approach to updating aging school facilities, school finance and much more.

Episode 26: Sizing up the career ladder

This week on Extra Credit: Kevin takes the first detailed look at the career ladder and Clark keeps uncovering errors in the state’s teacher evaluations report.

Episode 25: Sobering literacy rates

This week on Extra Credit: concern over new reading scores, a chat with East Idaho reporter Devin Bodkin and a closer look at the error-filled state report on teacher evaluations.