ESSA draft: Schools to pick their own accountability measure

The state’s plan for complying with a new federal law says schools will be measured by either student growth or proficiency — whichever’s higher.

East Idaho’s go-on rates: Lowest in the state

While church missions have long affected an immediate entrance to college, other factors are now impacting postsecondary educational pursuits.

Sugar-Salem reaches labor agreement

Teachers will receive pay increases of between 5 and 6.8 percent. They’ll also get the health benefits they requested and a one-time bonus of $216 apiece.

Jefferson County’s new emergency plan: Keep it simple

The district’s emphasis on improving school security comes at the heels of the state’s creation of the Office of School Safety and Security’s Advisory Board.

$400,000 miscalculation deadlocked Sugar-Salem negotiations

An audit revealed additional carryover funds so teachers are demanding increased raises plus bonuses. Trustees agreed to only raises on Tuesday, continuing the impasse.

From migrants to residents: Hispanics change the educational landscape in East Idaho

Hispanic families are becoming Idaho residents because of growing job opportunities and better educational programs for their children. Educators are adjusting to the growth.

Central Elementary students run hundreds of miles during recess

Sugar City kids log miles during recess as part of a nationwide push to promote health among kids across the country.

Pocatello-Chubbuck relies on a ‘tapestry of strategies’ to defy the odds

The large East Idaho district outperformed others in the area and attributes its success to an emphasis on teacher training, student writing prompts and even video games.

Overhauling the way Idaho funds schools could cost $131 million

A State Department analyst told a legislative committee reviewing Idaho’s funding formula that changing it would be “a particularly complex and potentially expensive endeavor.”

Bonneville offers online classes statewide

The Bonneville School District in Idaho Falls has teamed with a national vendor to bring online classes to students across the state.