Back to School with the Bodkins

We’re moving; our third grader isn’t happy

“It’s your fault,” she told me through tears after a rough day.

Unexpectedly, I was invited to breakfast — at school

Our girls are finally slipping into a routine and starting to enjoy going to school.

Saturday night lights, stadium half empty at kickoff

COVID-19 affects high school football but “kids are resilient.”

‘There’s been nothing like it’: Our kid’s teacher talks about COVID’s impacts

Student frustrations, scheduling changes and an urgency to cover more material accompany Melissa Hunt’s bout with back-to-school 2020.

We had all-out rebellions at our house this week

First it was the kindergartner. Then the first grader. Tears, fears and force. A month into the school year and we’re still struggling.

We’re adjusting to ‘homeschool’ — again

Two weeks ago, we struggled to get our kindergartener to learn at school. Now we’re struggling to get her to learn at home.

Our kids’ school was in full swing last week. We weren’t.

Three weeks into the school year, we’re struggling to establish the type of routine that nearly eight hours of school per day demands of our three little girls.

How do you get a kindergartener to like school during a pandemic?

An irregular start to the school year during a global pandemic has made getting our 5-year-old off to school the day’s most challenging task.

Back to school has been mostly normal for us. It hasn’t been for others.

In-person learning has made it easier for our three girls, but remote learning is making it tough for families in other parts of the state.

Our mostly normal back-to-school day

Our girls returned after a six-month break. It wasn’t as unusual as we anticipated.