Travis Manning is Executive Director of the Common Sense Democracy Foundation of Idaho. He is a high school English teacher, parent of three children and Scoutmaster.

Teachers are at a breaking point

The career ladder and tiered licensure plan is not the answer. The bill makes teachers accountable for conditions over which they have little or no control. Tying student test scores to teacher pay is flat out unethical.

For the sake of children and teachers: Opt out

We have reached a testing crisis in Idaho and Common Core hasn’t helped. As a current high school English teacher, I know. We are over-testing children, including the new eight-hour Common Core test: the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).

Idaho Ed News should broaden its content

While Idaho Education News does a decent job allowing for a diverse cadre of op-eds, it has much work to do regarding selection of news topics and the angle and trajectory from which it reports on these topics.

Trust the experts and talk to teachers

Bipartisan support for improving schools with Common Core State Standards hasn’t come without criticism, and the naysayers are growing. Ask Idaho educators what they think.

Bills unfairly tilt the scales

The Idaho Legislature needs to follow its constitutional mandate and take responsibility for making sure districts have all the necessary operational funds.