Rep. Steven Berch

“You can’t handle the truth!”

Even if a review process determined that only 5% of sales tax exclusions should expire, that alone would make an additional $250 million available for schools each year.

Privatizing public education

The 2023 bill tried to hit a home run and failed. However, the lobbyists behind privatizing public education will be back, fronted by their legislative allies.

The real obscenity isn’t library porn, it’s propaganda

Laws should be based on fact – not hearsay, rumor, conjecture, anecdote, or innuendo.

The outcome of the $100,000 session: Not a single bill passed

The political malpractice put on display makes a convincing argument for not allowing the Legislature to call itself into special session.

Critical thinking on life-support

After three years on the committee, my goal now is to prevent the dismantling of public and higher education.

The $2 Billion bamboozle

The Legislature is picking your pocket to pay for its failure to do the job.

Using “Common Core” to politicize public education

The politicizing of education furthers my resolve to be a voice for reason, critical thinking and common sense in the Legislature.

The fiscal elephant in the room

It may be time to revisit some fiscal policies that haven’t changed in decades. One of those policies is sales tax exemptions, which are rarely reviewed and never sunset.