About Steve Smylie

Steve Smylie served four terms in the Idaho Legislature. He is a lifelong educator; teaching, coaching, and administrating at the public school, private school, and university level, 37 years in all. In 2006 he ran for Idaho State Superintendent of Public Instruction, losing in the Republican Primary election. He holds advanced degrees from Northwest Nazarene University, Boise State University, and the University of Idaho. He is the son of former Republican governor of Idaho Robert E. Smylie. Currently he is an adjunct Professor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies at Boise State University.

The choice is simple: A.J. Balukoff

Idaho can slog through another four years of mediocrity while our schools continue to struggle, or we can elect someone with a proven record of personal integrity and leadership.

We solve things by working together

Life-long educator says there is no hidden mystery to improving education. We already know what will improve schools; it’s simply a matter of doing it.