Sherri Ybarra

The facts – and my experience – speak for themselves

It’s no exaggeration to say Idaho has enjoyed impressive gains in educational achievement, and the statistics I cite clearly demonstrate how Idaho student performance has improved under my leadership.

Cheers to a great legislative session for Idaho education

My meetings with the advisory council, along with visits to high school government and history classes across Idaho, inspired my proposal to put statewide emphasis on students’ understanding of civics.

An open letter to Idaho educators

You are on the front line, the boots on the ground, and I am incredibly grateful for your commitment

Idaho’s five-year graduation rate hits highest-ever mark

This latest five-year rate, 84.1 percent, includes students who didn’t quite complete their high school education in time to graduate with their classmates in 2020.

New Year, old pandemic and priorities for a bright future

State superintendent Sherri Ybarra outlines her priorities ahead of the upcoming legislative session and next school year.

New school year brings new initiatives and ongoing challenges

When it comes to charting a course for “back to school” this year, it’s more important than ever that decisions are made at the local level.

Supporting schools and students – more important than ever

We must turn our focus to academic recovery and how to address the social-emotional impacts of the past several months.

New year brings renewed commitment to Idaho students and educators

Simply put, our kids need to be in school, with teachers and peers, to have the best opportunities to learn and grow.

Back to school isn’t back to normal, but keep focus on what’s best for kids

We are in this together, and we are stronger together.  Let’s work together to make sure students can be in the classroom.

Resources abound for Idaho parents to help students ‘learn forward’ this summer

Summer learning has never been more essential. Educators often talk about the “summer slide,” when student skills and learning abilities drop off from disuse. As a former third grade teacher, I know how important it is that children continue reading, inquiring and exploring during the months between academic years. The stakes have never been higher…