Kevin Richert and Sadie Dittenber

Statehouse roundup, 4.6.23: Library veto survives challenge; Legislature adjourns for year

A 46-24 vote left Gov. Brad Little’s veto of a library bill intact — and essentially brought the 88-day session to an anticlimactic close.

What happened — and what didn’t happen — during the 2023 session

A lot of bills churned around the Statehouse the past three months. Some passed, some didn’t. Let’s run down the results.

Statehouse roundup, 3.31.23: House passes libraries bill, as session nears conclusion

Friday’s vote came after a contentious debate with biblical overtones. Lawmakers were wrapping up the final bills on their calendar Friday.

Statehouse roundup, 3.30.23: Senate passes library porn bill, teacher pay bill rolls through Legislature

The actions came during a long 81st day of the legislative session. It was’t be the final day of the session. Both houses will reconvene at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

Statehouse roundup, 3.29.23: Senate overrides property tax veto

The rare and resounding override marks Day 80 of the legislative session — a session that has already gone longer than lawmakers had hoped.

Senate rejects Echeverria appointment to charter commission

In other business Wednesday evening, State Board of Education member David Hill was reappointed, over objections from conservatives.

Statehouse roundup, 3.28.23: House overrides property tax veto, as showdown escalates

Amidst the end-of-session impasse, a handful of big-ticket education bills are on hold.

Statehouse roundup, 3.22.23: Tuition credit bill stalls, leaving school choice debate on ice

Sponsors pulled the $12 million-a-year pilot bill from the House Education Committee’s agenda. The abrupt move could also bring the Legislature’s protracted debate over school choice to a grinding halt.

Statehouse roundup, 3.21.23: Last-minute school choice bill debuts

In other news, budget writers moved two ‘trailer bills’ out of neutral and Idaho students earn a victory with their dinosaur bill.

Statehouse roundup, 3.20.23: Library bill heads to Senate after two-hour debate

In other news, find updates on the private school tuition bill, university building projects and the “In God We Trust” bill.