Butch Otter

Vote against big government — vote “no” on SJR 102

Controlling spending, cutting red tape, and reining in government – like we’ve done for years in Idaho – would be impossible with an overactive legislative branch.

Addressing the college and career part of Idaho’s education system

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has asked the State Board of Education to lead a new task force to develop a five-year plan for higher education.

Investing in K-through-career education makes sense for Idaho’s economy

Idaho’s future prosperity depends on the responsible, targeted, data-driven and sustainable investments we make today in kindergarten through high school, in professional-technical training programs, and in our college and university system.

Idaho’s economy is growing; education must grow with it

Work remains to be done, but Idaho is “making significant progress in addressing the most critical challenges facing education,” says Gov. Butch Otter.

Governor: Getting serious means continuing the conversation

After voters on November 6 rejected the process, pace and policies for improving Idaho’s education system enacted in 2011, it became the task of everyone who cares about the quality of Idaho public schools to constructively continue that conversation. My staff and I spent the next several weeks reaching out to educators, business leaders and…