Nik Streng

West Ada sees small increase in mask opt-out numbers for students

The opt-out rates among West Ada schools vary widely, with some above 50% and others below 20%. INSIDE: school-by-school rates.

School districts grapple with substitute teacher and bus driver shortages

Staffing challenges have become another hurdle for Idaho schools as they start a third COVID-affected year.

Education news across Idaho

Community grants support learning programs, and one rural town has a new school.

One-third of West Ada students have decided not to wear masks in school

Spokesperson Char Jackson said more important than the mask opt-out numbers is contact tracing and keeping an eye on coronavirus case counts. INSIDE: A school-by-school percentage of students opting out of wearing masks.

West Ada’s new high school offers students “a fresh start”

The majority of the student body comes from Eagle, Meridian and Rocky Mountain schools in West Ada. Owyhee opened with about 1,500 students and has a capacity of 1,800 students.

Thousands of West Ada parents line up to opt their children out of masking

A line extended around the building early Wednesday afternoon. Parents said it was a minor inconvenience.

Leaders contemplate mask mandates as school year begins

At least 13 Idaho districts and charters are requiring masks. West Ada decided to require staff to wear masks and students can opt out with a parent’s permission.

Unfamiliar territory: Wyoming educator learns to lead Idaho’s largest online school

The southeast Idaho district’s new superintendent is in charge of a virtual school that’s added thousands of students in recent years.

West Ada family splits up to navigate COVID-affected school year

With an immunocompromised sister at home, 16-year-old Lili will move in with her grandparents so she can attend school in-person during her junior year.

Idaho parents: Yellow signals “no” to mask mandates

Parents are organizing at board meetings, on websites, social media platforms and with dress codes to make sure they are heard.