Natalie MacLachlan

This 2023 session has been an alarm bell tolling from the edge of our community

For the party that believes in local control, individual liberties, and personal responsibility — they sure have taken a lot away.

A letter to women from Democratic candidate in District 22 Natalie MacLachlan

Women still have the right to choose, we have the right to choose each other and this must be done at the ballot box in November.

Top-down politics are tumultuous, bottom-up brings Idaho back to the people!

We need more everyday folks representing our everyday interests.

What do our values look like?

I can say with confidence that the majority of us value safety, public education, and civility.

How can the worst school year ever bring us together?

Education is clearly of value to Idahoans, so let’s come together to invest in it and work to grow a better public education system for all of us.

Education Matters

The people of Idaho continually stand by public schools and want their children educated within the public school system. So why aren’t the majority of our legislators able to see and act on this reality? The public school system has shown time and time again its capacity to rise to the occasion and provide for…