Levi Cavener

Do we really want to go back to pre-COVID schools?

We can choose to come out of this pandemic with public schools finally resourced and equipped to meet our students’ needs.  Or we can choose to go back to the same.

Complete abdication of leadership in Idaho

Our governor has passed the buck onto local leadership because he lacks the backbone to make the hard decisions at the top. 

Pandemic reveals underfunding of Idaho’s schools, provides opportunity

It is time to recognize that now is precisely the moment to invest in our schools so that they have the resources to safely continue educating our young people.

A teacher’s perspective on opening Idaho schools safely

These steps are a genuine starting point to safely allow our students and staff to resume this fall while protecting the health of those in the building and the community.

The lack of dollars and “sense” in Idaho’s schools

Reclaim Idaho is supporting a ballot initiative to put the onus back on the state to adequately fund our public schools. Sign the petition today at ReclaimIdaho.Org.

I support legislators who acknowledge the teacher crisis

Our state leadership must act with urgency unless hemorrhaging our very best educators is now an accepted status quo.

Idaho teachers are the working poor

Let’s break down a paycheck for a first year Idaho teacher. 

Support the ‘Invest in Idaho’ ballot initiative

I am encouraging educators and stakeholders to take a personal day on Tuesday, Nov. 5, to collect signatures.

It’s past time for a bold initiative for education

I hope you will join me and Reclaim Idaho in the ballot initiative to Invest in Idaho.

Square root of stupid: task force proposal making IRI scores all that matters

Taking a single data point to measure a school is an absurd approach in measuring a school’s overall performance.