Rep. Lauren Necochea

Needed school facilities funding comes in “counterproductive” bill

The most beneficial part of House Bill 521 would make $1 billion available over the next decade for construction, renovation, and maintenance.

On guns in schools, let’s listen to local leaders and law enforcement

A major alarm bell should be that law enforcement does not support this approach.

Polling Paradox: Idaho voters increasingly Republican, increasingly agree with Idaho Democrats on issues

To long-time Republicans who have been left behind by their party, I invite you to take a closer look at Idaho Democrats.

Idaho’s budget committee loses Integrity

Lawmakers claim they will add funding, but they have backed Idaho into a devastating default budget.

Governor’s school proposal too little, too late

How we got here is a lesson Idahoans cannot afford to forget. As our schools have gone long underfunded.

Community schools, not vouchers, are the way forward in Idaho

The announcement of a new federal grant marks a significant stride toward expanding this proven approach across our state.

Idaho voters must reject far-right extremism this Tuesday

The West Bonner School District is a cautionary tale, illustrating the stakes and the ease with which extremism can take hold.

Let’s make sure Idaho kids get to school safely

People traveling in vehicles are facing increasing risks. During what law enforcement calls the “100 Deadliest Days,” the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Idaho experienced 21% more car accident fatalities in 2023 than in 2022.

Idahoans must speak up to protect Launch

Every industry in Idaho faces a pressing need for more qualified workers with specific skills. The demands of the modern job market have evolved.

The Far-Right’s Loss is a Win for Kids

It is imperative that Idaho avoids future calamities like this one.