Kurt Liebich

U of I’s Affiliation with the University of Phoenix is a good business decision

In private business, we strive daily to position ourselves for the future. The University of Idaho is now better positioned to deliver training and education to students throughout Idaho, no matter where they live.

Public education fares well this legislative session

The first regular session of the 67th Idaho Legislature has concluded and the overall outcome for public education in Idaho is positive.

Agreement improves access to undergraduate education for Idaho students

Online Idaho, the Board’s digital campus, continues to grow and will begin showcasing more of our institutions’ online courses and degree pathways next year.

Idaho has a tool in place to prevent school tragedies

“We have seen a lot of studies that show that prior to committing an act of mass violence, most perpetrators exhibited behavior that was worrying to those around them,” said Mike Munger, a school safety and security program manager.

Idaho poised to buck demographic trends affecting college enrollment

Due to inward migration, Idaho is in enviable position compared to other states.

School Board Appreciation Month has added significance

We realized early on during the pandemic that a one-size-fits-all approach was not appropriate.

Education wins this legislative session

Gov. Brad Little and the majority of legislators demonstrated their commitment to our students and our educators and I commend them for it.

Higher education helps drive Idaho’s booming economy

The Economic Value of Idaho Colleges and Universities report is posted on the State Board of Education website, and I encourage you to look at it and judge for yourself.

K-12 and higher education task force recommendations are moving forward

“Much has happened over the last five years that is having a profound and positive effect on public education at all levels, despite the pandemic,” writes State Board of Education President Kurt Liebich.

An incremental approach to measuring performance

By setting realistic expectations and targets and holding ourselves and our institutions accountable, we can improve performance and make an even bigger difference.