Kevin Richert and Blake Jones

Statehouse roundup, 1.17.22: School staff health insurance bill emerges

The proposal would accomplish two things on Gov. Brad Little’s education to-do list: setting aside funding for school districts to join the state insurance plan, and phasing out a “leadership premium” program.

Ybarra makes her budget pitch — and discusses pandemic learning loss

Legislative budget-writers spent two hours on the state superintendent’s K-12 budget request. Election-year politics — and a record-setting $1.9 billion surplus — will complicate their job.

Statehouse roundup, 1.13.22: Academic standards, trustee recall proposals resurface

One lawmaker looks to force the hand of the State Board of Education in adopting rewritten school standards. Two others try to reconfigure the procedures that follow trustee recalls.

Statehouse roundup, 1.12.22: Little looks to federal cash to help fund his education wishlist

The governor wants to use the money to bankroll his proposed teacher bonuses, a portion of educator salary raises and more.

Statehouse roundup, 1.11.22: Little proposes phasing out teacher bonus plan

The governor wants to eliminate the state’s $17.9 million leadership premium program, to help bankroll a $105 million plan to reduce school employees’ health insurance bills.

Little proposes teacher bonuses and raises in historic 11% increase to K-12 education

Idaho’s governor kicked off the 2022 legislative session with his State of the State address Monday afternoon.

After 311 days, the 2021 Legislature calls it a year

Lawmakers wrapped up a record-setting session Wednesday. In three days, they passed only one piece of legislation: a nonbinding memorial decrying the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates.

Statehouse roundup, 11.16.21: House passes parental opt-out bill

MORE INSIDE: A teacher bonus push takes shape and the Senate made a formal statement condemning vaccine mandates.

The Legislature returns, and sanctions Giddings

MORE INSIDE on how the rest of the morning unfolded. Legislative leaders hope to wrap up business by Wednesday following the unusual decision to reconvene in November.

Conservatives see mixed results in politically charged school board election

A string of board shakeups are now on tap after a contentious election season. INSIDE: A list of statewide election-related results.