Karen Echeverria

The Charter Commission: authorize, advocate and regulate

Some history might help understand the various roles.

The right leader with the right vision: Debbie Critchfield for state superintendent

She has dedicated years of her life to doing what is best for public education.

School in the time of COVID-19

At the end of the day, K-12 Schools are not immune to the economic uncertainty that the rest of the country and world is facing.

Removing election dates could be detrimental to Idaho’s students and communities

The Idaho School Boards Association asks the Legislature to keep the four election dates intact so school trustees can determine what is necessary for the health and educational needs of their students.

Don’t pit Medicaid expansion against public schools budget

There is evidence that Medicaid expansion could support our public schools.

Capitol Notes from the ISBA, March 11

Get caught on the Idaho School Boards Association’s take on legislation making its way through the Statehouse this week.

ISBA Capitol Notes, March 18

Catch up on the legislative activities of the Idaho School Boards Association.

Capitol notes from the ISBA, March 3

ISBA discusses negotiations that went into collective bargaining bills.

Capitol notes from the ISBA, Feb. 25

The ISBA may print another round of collective bargaining and labor bills this week. Catch up on what’s happening to ISBA-sponsored legislation.

Capitol notes from the ISBA, Feb. 18

The Idaho School Boards Association had several education-related bills printed last week. Here is a list of those bills and a short synopsis of what they would do, including the fiscal impact.