Kalyn Belsha of Chalkbeat

U.S. Supreme Court rules against affirmative action; racial diversity likely to suffer

The nation’s top colleges are likely to enroll fewer Black, Latino, and Native American students after the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that colleges and universities essentially cannot consider race as a factor in the admissions process. The ruling severely restricts colleges’ ability to use affirmative action to create more racially diverse campuses, and will likely…

National history scores continue to fall, while civics scores drop for first time

Eighth graders scored lower on U.S. history and civics exams last spring than they did four years earlier, according to national data released Wednesday.

Math and reading scores plummet on national test, erasing 20 years of progress

Put another way: It’s as if 9-year-olds were performing at the same level in math as 9-year-olds did back in 1999, and at the same reading level as in 2004.