Wayne Hoffman

It was a monumentally successful night for conservatives

This one was one for the record books, and it could help usher in a new chapter in Idaho’s political history.

Idaho Freedom Foundation responds to Jim Jones

Those are the real reasons Jones and his petty leftist allies hate us, and why you and I keep being subjected to his diatribes.

End federal intervention in our classrooms

This is the year for Idaho’s elected officials to to use the state’s budget surplus to end confiscatory taxes and free the state from Washington, D.C.’s bureaucracy.

School superintendents ignore record of failure

It’s time to ignore the rhetoric of the education establishment. It’s time to free students from the failure that is the government school system.

University presidents, after refusing to fix social justice nonsense, make demands of lawmakers

The power is in the hands of lawmakers, not the university presidents.

Extend Idaho’s college and university tuition freeze another year

Students haven’t been able to utilize campus facilities so, if  anything, college operations in the era of coronavirus should cost less not more.

Give parents choice instead of Covid-era edicts as schools reopen

It’s time to get creative when it comes to the future of schooling.

Idaho university backs Black Lives Matter effort with leftist ‘resources’

Lawmakers cautioned the schools to stop pushing political agendas and focus on improving mediocre graduation rates. But some campus employees seemingly have not gotten the message.

Legislators plan for Idaho to exit Common Core

Finally, some good news for Idaho public school kids and their parents.

Every parent knows why the bond election rerun bill is good policy

Let’s hope senators and the governor clamp down on bond reruns and protect taxpayers from aggressive taxing districts that don’t respect the will of voters.