Don Coberly, Geoffry Thomas, Wil Overgaard, Teresa Fabricius

Health insurance update: Local control leads to solutions

The governor’s commitment to local control, favored by a large majority of Idaho voters, was well-served by the passage of the insurance bills by the Legislature.

Almost Heaven? West Virginia?

Well, we do believe that church and state should be kept separate, and that parents choosing to send their students to religious schools should be free to exercise that choice – and pay for it.

How do we best incorporate differing parental input with best professional practices?

Parents are important, and their views are and always have been welcome and sought in educational decision making.

The Freedom Foundation exists to tear down, not build up

The IFF militates against children, college students, K-16 educators, K-16 support staff, librarians and virtually everyone that does not slavishly adhere to its radical ideology.

A K-12 scorecard for IFF favorites in the Idaho House

The Fab Five were varied in their support and opposition for the appropriations bills that will make up the FY23 state school budget.

Idaho’s schools are not failing – let’s recognize their success

There are no consequences for making disparaging and inaccurate accusations against Idaho’s public schools, nor in characterizing the state of education in Idaho as failing.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has failed to provide factual information

In fact, their research methodology is so shoddy, it wouldn’t pass the basic research requirements of an eighth grade English class.

Working together to provide for social and emotional needs

If you have questions about how your child’s school is providing Social Emotional Learning or about learning materials being used, ask your local school.

Say No to private school vouchers in Idaho

Vouchers are harmful to public education and hurt rural schools and small towns.

Let local patrons make decisions for their schools

This doesn’t change when it comes to our local schools and the bonds that have become necessary to run them.