Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun

State of Idaho looking to sell exclusive resort island at public auction 

Idaho endowment lands are held in a trust to produce maximum long-term benefits to a series of beneficiaries, the largest of which is public schools.

Little awards Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarships to 40 Idaho students 

Find out who won the renewable $3,000-a-year scholarships.

Boise students speak out after wolf pups named for their school are killed

Wolves from the Timberline pack, named after Timberline High, lived in the nearby Boise National Forest.

As the state certifies primary election results, outcomes remain the same

Now that election results are officially certified, candidates have 20 days to formally request a recount with the Idaho Attorney General’s Office. 

Idaho legislator who lost the closest legislative primary election will request recount

Rep. Scott Syme, R-Caldwell, will submit a letter to the Idaho Attorney General’s Office formally requesting the recount after the State Board of Canvassers certify election results by Wednesday’s deadline, Syme told the Idaho Capital Sun. 

2022 Idaho primary election: Republican governor’s race features fierce political rivals

Idaho’s governor’s race has all the makings of a national spectacle and has Republican Party officials in Idaho sitting on pins and needles.

Reclaim Idaho organizers meet goals, turn in final signatures for education initiative 

Now likely to appear on the November ballot, Reclaim Idaho’s initiative would raise more than $300 million a year in income and corporate taxes, and put the proceeds into K-12.

Two North Idaho College trustees sue State Board of Education

Trustees Todd Banducci sought a temporary restraining order to block the State Board of Education from filling the trustee vacancies. A judge rejected the request.

Primary elections 2022: State of the Idaho Republican Party

Next month’s Republican primary elections are expected to be among the most competitive and influential races in a vital election year for Idaho. 

Primary elections 2022: The state of the Idaho Democratic Party

Long the political underdogs in deep red Idaho, Democrats say a rise in extremism among the far right wing of the Republican Party has given them an opportunity to gain political ground in the Gem State.  Between Republican-led moves to reduce funding for higher education, cut money for the library commission, attempt to eliminate protections…