Cindy Omlin

Teachers labor for choices beyond the union

The Legislature has done some fine work in recent years to get the schools less beholden to labor union demands and more accountable to their local communities. But it could do so much more, and it should.

Boise voters, teachers deserve better

Trustee candidates have the right to be outraged that district leaders are giving special treatment to the Boise Education Association (BEA) and its endorsed candidates.

Celebrate Employee Freedom Week

NEFW (June 23-29) highlights how unionized teachers and other employees often don’t know that they have the legal right to opt-out of union membership. Empower educators to select an association that best matches their budget and beliefs.

Require fair union election procedures

Teachers should encourage and school boards should require elections that will result in a valid proof of majority representation before a union receives the privilege of bargaining for all teachers, both union and nonunion.

Support non-union teachers

The Northwest Professional Educators believes that positive change will only occur when all educators are heard and respected.