Chris Cargill

You can’t claim to support education choice while limiting options

No two children learn the same way. Education must constantly reform.

The “Blaine Amendments” are bigoted relics

The bad news is three fold: many states have their own Blaine language, most citizens don’t know what a Blaine Amendment is, and even fewer know how policymakers are using its bigoted foundation as an excuse to block children who need more education options.

Families stymied as Idaho committee shuts down ed choice debate

House Bill 447 would have allowed parents to take a tax credit to help offset the cost of educational expenses outside the public school system.

One of these education programs is just like the other

When Launch was up for discussion last year, legislators were split.

Bringing transparency to the cost of college with a Career Transparency Act

Policymakers may not be able to control all college costs, but they can help inform better career and financial decisions by students considering higher ed.

Those opposing education reform are on the wrong side of history

Education opportunity is one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time.

There are 187 studies on impact of education choice – and the results are overwhelming

If you had these odds, you’d buy a lottery ticket. This is the week each year that we celebrate education choice. Those across the political spectrum have recognized the need to provide kids with more options, whether they be public, private, religious, charter or magnet. Education choice means all the above. It does not mean…

Public School Transparency Act is a tool citizens, lawmakers need

This MSPC idea would require all public school districts, both on the first page of their budget and also on the front page of the district’s main website, to clearly report six simple things.

Most education choice options are NOT vouchers, despite claims

Hopefully, lawmakers can come up with a plan that uniquely fits Idaho and helps more students succeed.

Power to the people, via the legislative branch

If you can’t convince your fellow lawmakers, you have the authority to vote those lawmakers out of office.