Chris Cargill

Examining Idaho spending on higher ed & student population trends

“Student support”- which is defined as tuition and fees – “has grown four times the rate of inflation from 1992 through 2021” according to the state JFAC.

Idaho needs a major reset on education choice conversation

While states including Florida, Iowa, Arkansas, Utah and Arizona have expanded choice to improve outcomes, Idaho seems to be stuck in neutral.

Proposal for advisory vote on ‘private schools’ won’t provide good data

Idaho lawmakers voted to advance a bill that would place an advisory measure on the Idaho ballot in 2024 asking voters “should the state of Idaho direct or appropriate public tax dollars to private schools?”

Education choice checklist – here’s what a program should (and shouldn’t) include

Policymakers should always focus on a simple question: Does the policy allow those closest to the child the ability to make the decision?

Mountain States Policy Center launches “Education Choice Improves Outcomes”

In places where education choice is allowed, the results are impressive and the future for children improves. That is what’s most important.

The questions we must ask – and answer – to improve education outcomes for all kids

Should a state spend 60% of its budget on K-12? How about 80%? What other priorities would be squeezed out if policymakers decided to pour even more into K-12?