Gov. Butch Otter

Idaho public schools are improving, despite continuing negativity

“Even our measured, incremental progress belies the claims of those constantly browbeating Idahoans with admonitions not to fail,” says Gov. Butch Otter.

Adult completion scholarship seeks to grow educated workforce

Beyond helping to provide the more skilled and educated workforce that our employers need, the return on this investment will be what it does for so many individual Idahoans who are striving for a better future.

Classrooms, instruction are improving as new school year begins

I am committed to the course we have charted and confident in the investments we are making in Idaho’s future.

Career ladder will allow districts to keep their best teachers

Gov. Butch Otter says the teacher career ladder bill “represents two years of research, discussion and work by education stakeholders across the state.”

Idaho’s plan for improving schools was designed by educators

Its goal is to remove the politics and angst from the conversation and get to the heart of what is right for Idaho students, teachers, and our communities large and small. It will require all of us to ensure it succeeds.

Education remains top economic priority

Economic development and education work hand in hand. Students graduating from Idaho schools will become the skilled employees, entrepreneurs and innovators who help our economy grow.