Beth Oppenheimer

Celebration of the Young Child event holds special significance

it is essential to remember the value of early childhood education and the adults who play such a crucial role in shaping the minds of Idaho’s youngest learners.

Idaho AEYC serves as an organizer, connector and resource

Idaho’s residents and elected officials know better than to believe the misinformation being shared by naysayers.

High-quality child care is key to a strong workforce

It’s time to start recognizing child care as early education and acknowledging the promising role it can play.

Does pre-K work?

Idaho policymakers have been wrapped up in the notion that preschool does not work.

Why aren’t our politicians talking more about it?

One thing most Idahoans agree on — the state should invest in pre-K for Idaho families.

School readiness is about more than the ABCs

Adopting the Smarty Ants program will not solve the early learning challenges in Idaho alone.

Four honored for their dedication to kids

The “Stick Your Neck Out for Idaho’s Children” awards are presented to individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment and contributed a positive impact in quality early care and education of children throughout Idaho.

Learning is not confined to the classroom

In 2011, only 56 percent of Idaho kindergartners were at grade level upon entering kindergarten. These gaps prevent children from reaching their full potential.

Include early education in the debate

The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children supports the inclusion of early education as a necessary piece in Idaho’s education debate.