Poll: Otter holds 14-point advantage

Incumbent Gov. Butch Otter holds a 14-point lead in a poll conducted last week by Rasmussen Reports, a conservative-leaning polling company.

The Republican Otter had 50 percent backing in the poll of 750 likely Idaho voters, according to survey results released Wednesday. Democrat A.J. Balukoff, a Boise School Board trustee, had 36 percent support. Eight percent of voters supported another candidate, and 7 percent were undecided.

The margin for error in the telephone survey was 4 percent.

The poll was conducted May 28 and 29, barely a week after Otter and Balukoff secured their respective parties’ nominations in primary elections. Otter received 51 percent in a four-way race, with his main competition coming from conservative state Sen. Russ Fulcher of Meridian. Running against a virtual unknown, Terry Kerr of Idaho Falls, Balukoff secured a 65 percent majority.

Otter is seeking his third term as governor.

On Tuesday, Rasmussen released polling that showed incumbent U.S. Sen. Jim Risch holding a 25-point lead over Democratic challenger Nels Mitchell. Risch had 54 percent support to Mitchell’s 29 percent.

  • Bert Stoneberg

    I looked at the description of the poll’s methodology. It was unclear whether only 750 numbers were called and the results were tabulated on responses from those 750 numbers, or whether the calling system kept calling numbers until they had 750 responses. The former might constitute a probability sample if other conditions were met where the results could be generalized to all likely voters. The latter is not a probability sample and the results applies only to the 750 responders. That is, the results cannot be generalized to all likely voters.