Durst’s 2014 Senate plans in limbo


Sen. Branden Durst

State Sen. Branden Durst — who is splitting his time between Boise and Washington state — says he is still planning to serve in the Legislature next winter.

But Durst, D-Boise, told the Associated Press that his future is in limbo. Much of it depends on his job search in the Seattle area — where his family is living, and where his wife is working as a teacher.

Durst, a professional researcher, told the AP that it’s not as if he’ll “take a job as a server at Applebee’s and leave the Legislature.”

Durst is a member of the Senate Education Committee, and one of two Democrats on a 10-member legislative interim committee studying public education issues. Durst attended the committee’s initial meeting on Sept. 12.

More reading: Here’s a link to the KTVB piece that broke the Durst story, a link to a previous Idaho Education News blog post, and a link to a recent Durst guest opinion on Idaho education (and Idaho Education News).


  • Scott Nicholson

    Good to see that he’s finally acknowledged the situation.

  • Rick Fletcher

    Wow. Is there any better illustration of the employment problems for skilled workers in Idaho? This guy is an elected Legislator and he can’t seem to find a competitive wage in the state for his wife and for him. This is a huge problem with education in our state – his wife is a teacher and needs to be in Washington to earn a respectable wage. I see this happen often.