Cash-strapped district outsources custodial work

Facing a deficit now pegged at $5.1 million, the Nampa School District is looking to plug the hole by outsourcing services.

The first to go was custodial services. The district will move the services, and 83 employees, under the umbrella of a private company.

The custodial employees will receive comparable pay, the Idaho Statesman’s Bill Roberts reported Wednesday. The district expects to save money through reduced benefits costs.

Next up: the Nampa School Board will meet May 7 to consider the outsourcing of nutritional services. According to the Statesman, the district is also looking at administrative cuts, eliminating 40 to 50 certified jobs, and reducing stipends for teachers who head extracurricular programs.

Since voters approved a $4.3 million levy on March 12, the district has announced plans to close Sunny Ridge Elementary School, and the Nampa Education Association has sued the district, saying its members were pressured into taking unpaid furlough days.


  • John Rusche

    So, how does this help? The district retains all of its existing HR and management infrastructure, contracts with a private company which likely has owners or stockholders desiring a return on their capital, and still retains the oversight responsibility and liability for outcome (slip and fall, etc). Unless there is a reduction in pay or benefits or the custodial staff was seriously overstaffed, I do not see how it helps.

    After the legislation adopted last session the school board can adjust pay rates if they want, and redefine terms of service. What more does privatization offer the district?

  • Leovi Lopez

    Really, why outsource nutrition services? They generate their own money. If they even try to outsource nutrition services the district won’t save money! none! why break something that is not broken? That is doing well, that is not red in the bank, that has received the prestigious award from the State that is given once every five years for having excellent menus, excellent production sheets & the best Free & Reduced application documents in the State. Nutrition Services has dinner programs for after school kids,after school snack programs, Fruit & Vegetable Grants which started with three schools and are now eleven for the next school year. The new superintendent does not care about the children, he’s not being truthful to the School Board members he is not giving them all the correct information so they can vote correctly. The District has stated that they want to be transparent with the public and they are not! this New Superintendent seems to like power, he comes in to a District in trouble to make a worse mess than fix it. People need to look in the internet and maybe call these places he so called helped. A good leader needs to investigate both sides, listens to both sides, understands what each department does and how they work. It is sad to see that the mess started at the District level and the people that have worked hard & been loyal to the District are the ones that suffer. Why not out source some of the departments that helped in the mess the District is in, downsize, check out how many raises some of these people received. It is so sad to see once a wonderful District to become such a corrupt one!