Jones running for state superintendent

Idaho Falls Democrat Jana Jones announced Tuesday she is running for superintendent of public instruction.

Jones, a former chief deputy superintendent of public instruction, previously ran for the position in 2006, when she lost a close race to Republican Tom Luna.

Jana Jones Headshot 2

Jana Jones

Jones has 40 years of education experience. She founded the Progressive Day School early childhood education center in eastern Idaho and worked with former Gov. Cecil Andrus to lobby for state-sponsored kindergarten programs.

She has also worked for the State Department of Education and former state superintendents Jerry Evans, Anne Fox and Marilyn Howard.

“What I want for our kids is simple: safe schools, great teachers, modern, up-to-date classrooms and a challenging curriculum that prepares them with the knowledge and skills they need to create the future of their choice,” Jones said in a news release announcing her candidacy.

Jones said she is running so that Idahoans can again feel good about the school their children attend.

“Now there is lots of work to do,” Jones said. “Budgets and programs have been cut, classrooms are overcrowded, local control has been diminished and trust has been lost.”

Luna, the Republican incumbent, has said he wants to run again but has not yet made an official campaign announcement. When the two squared off in 2006, Luna earned just more than 51 percent of the vote, while Jones captured nearly 49 percent of ballots cast.

Jones now works as a consultant where she is involved in K-12 issues relating to school districts, charter schools and state education departments.

In conjunction with Tuesday’s announcement, Jones launched a campaign website.

  • Jan Hall

    Thank you for running for office. As a retired educator, I am passionate about our profession and beyond concern for the intrution of private business. Will do my part in assisting in your election!

  • Kathy Needs

    Thank you for running! We need a person with whom we can trust and has integrity and not sell out to the highest bidder (K12). As a retired school nurse, I see how long and hard the teachers work and their selfless dedication to their students. We all use our own money to fill in the holes and then have had to listen to politicians say we’re overpaid and not doing our job well when we don’t have enough money to buy paper or copies. You are a welcome sight! A light at the end of a long dark tunnel!!

  • Ken Beidler

    It would be nice to see someone who hos some knowledge of education as the state superintendent.

  • Michael Strickland

    “When the two squared off in 2006, Luna earned just more than 51 percent of the vote, while Jones captured nearly 49 percent of ballots cast.”

    Thank you for stepping into the ring for our children.

    Such competition is very healthy for Idaho and should spur some real debate.

  • Karen Fothergill

    Please protect the fine arts programs that we have and work to create more- especially for our youngest students who are not being given creative outlets. There is no amount of testing that will make students love learning like the way that the arts can. The arts relate to every subject and actively involve children in their own learning and decision making. There are so many ways that kids can really learn for the long term through the arts. Instead of short term learning for a test and then forgetting the information. I so appreciate your committment to early education as we know that the brain is almost hard wired by five and there is such a window of opportunity to encourage learning in early childhood.
    Karen Fothergill, Filer High School Art Teacher, 2013 Idaho Art Teacher of the Year