Ybarra’s social media non-presence

Is this is a sign that the election season is in the books?

Maybe. But regardless, victorious state superintendent’s candidate Sherri Ybarra has taken down her campaign Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Sherri Ybarra presser
State superintendent-elect Sherri Ybarra.

Associated Press writer Kimberlee Kruesi first noticed the disabled accounts — pointing it out, fittingly enough, on her Twitter feed.

Still alive and online, as of Monday afternoon, was Ybarra’s campaign web page, which still maintains links to her disabled Twitter account.

Also online are two Ybarra parody Twitter accounts. (For details on them, here’s a link to my blog from last week.)

Ybarra’s social media presence wasn’t without controversy. Critics accused the Republican and her campaign of taking down comments or questions Ybarra didn’t like.

Ybarra campaign spokeswoman Melinda Nothern did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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