In Boise, trustee election season is under way

Brian Cronin
Brian Cronin

Boise school board elections are an event unto themselves — as a charter district, Boise adheres to its own campaign schedule.

And compared to the tumult in the neighboring West Ada School District, Boise trustee politics have been relatively low-key in recent months.

That said, trustee election season officially opened in Boise Monday morning.

Candidates can file paperwork through July 1 for Boise’s Sept. 6 elections.

Two six-year trustee spots are up for grabs.

David Wagers color
David Wagers

One spot is now held by Brian Cronin, a former state legislator who worked on the 2012 campaign to overturn Propositions 1, 2 and 3. Cronin was elected in 2014 to serve out a two-year term on the board.

One trustee spot is held by David Wagers, the president of Idaho Candy Co. He was appointed to a board vacancy in January 2015.

Historically, Boise’s September trustee elections draw little attention. The 2014 turnout was a minuscule 6.3 percent — and that actually was a big improvement from a 1.6 percent turnout in 2010.

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