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State Department of Education


650 West State Street, PO Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0027
Toll Free: (800) 432-4601
Local: (208) 332-6800
Fax: (208) 334-2228

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Luna
Contact Superintendent Luna: [email protected]

Public Information Officer: Melissa McGrath
Contact: [email protected] or (208) 332-6818


21st Century Classroom Coordinators

State Education Department Website, click here
State Education Divisions Website, click here
    *Please visit the above websites for more information on the 21st Century Classroom. Divisions include Idaho Education Network (IEN), Physical Education, School Health, STEM, SchoolNet as well as the coordinators for their respective divisions listed below. 

Marilyn O. Allen
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]


Christine Avila
Mathematics Coordinator
(208) 332-6932
[email protected]


T.J. Bliss, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment and Accountability
(208) 332-6842
[email protected]


Michelle Clement Taylor
School Choice Coordinator
(208) 332-6963
[email protected]


Scott Cook
Content Director
[email protected]


Nancy England
Grants & Contracts Specialist
[email protected]

Nichole Hall
English Proficiency and College Assessment Coordinator
(208) 332-6933
[email protected]


Rhonda Heggen
Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco (PANT) Coordinator


Peter Kavouras
Social Studies Coordinator
[email protected]


Lisa Kramer
HIV/Health Education Coordinator
(208) 332-6947
[email protected]


Marco Maiurano
Senior Director
SAT Program Operations
(212) 713-7740
[email protected]


Ayaka Nukui
(208) 332-6926
[email protected]

Diann Roberts
ELA/Reading Coordinator
(208) 332-6948
[email protected]


Cathy Salas
Program Specialist
(208) 332-6909
[email protected]


Scott Smith
Science Coordinator
[email protected]


Patricia Stewart
Coordinated School Health Coordinator
(208) 332-6929
[email protected]


Nancy Thomas Price
Formative/Interim Assessment Coordinator
(208) 332-6988
[email protected]


SAT Contact

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