Compare operational plans and county coronavirus risk levels on our map

Schools across Idaho are opening on different days, in different ways and under different requirements. The decisions of how and when to open schools have been left to local leaders so the process can be confusing and complicated.

We want to help so we created a map of reopening plans in each county, district and charter. This map features the colored risk levels of coronavirus spread in each county and compares school reopening plans.

We’ll update this map daily. Let me know what’s happening at your school.

— Jennifer Swindell, managing editor, [email protected]

image/svg+xml Normal Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk Click on a county to filter the table
All Idaho Reset
Model available
E:Encouraged, R: Required
Temp building closure(s)
<1 new case per day per 10,000 in population
  • The new normal
  • Evidence of Isolated cases. No evidence of large group exposure
  • School buildings open with physical distancing and sanitation
Low Risk 1 to 2.5 cases per 10,000 in population
  • Low or sporadic uptick in cases or isolated cluster outbreaks
  • Schools open and face coverings recommended
  • School buildings open with physical distancing and sanitation
Medium Risk 2.5 to 5 cases per 10,000 in population
  • Medium risk and community spread has accelerated
  • Face coverings recommended
  • Limit participation in large group activities and recommend hybrid school schedules
High Risk >5 new cases per day per 10,000 in population
  • Recommendation for schools to go all virtual
  • Face coverings recommended
  • Vulnerable populations should stay at home


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