Columns written about education policy and practice by Idaho taxpayers, business leaders, lawmakers parents and community members.
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Why is Idaho at risk?

We hope our new report encourages candid and necessary conversations regarding what citizens want for the future of Idaho.

Funding formula rewrite is a dud

“To the degree that we’re stuck with it, the Legislature should pass a school funding formula that empowers students to pursue the best education for themselves.”

What is Idaho’s postsecondary story?

Policymakers and the media should give postsecondary and K-12 education systems equal attention. It would be what is needed to tell the whole story on postsecondary credential attainment.

Education has a big tent

Learning, in all of its forms, is not just a year-round pursuit, but a lifetime one. No one should be stuck in a part-time job when they need a full-time job. We seek opportunity for a lifetime of prosperity.