Month: March 2020

Analysis: How Little has approached this unfathomable crisis

It’s inevitable to critique policy in short-term political context. But a 21-day statewide stay-at-home order doesn’t fit that mold. This was something never before seen, something scarcely imagined.

Little issues statewide stay-home order

The order is effective immediately and will be reevaluated in 21 days.

Little vetoes his first bill of 2020

House Bill 325 would have shifted $18 million of sales tax money into transportation projects — and out of the general fund that pays for education and other programs.

Shutdown order poses daunting challenges for local educators

Among the biggest questions: how to shift to online learning, making a sudden transition that would have been unimaginable weeks ago.

Little faces questions about coronavirus response, lack of statewide closures

“Take every single precaution you can,” Little told Idahoans.

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance offers educators, parents digital resources

Parents can also access a host of digital lessons through IDLA’s Parent Educational Resource Center.

Coronavirus prompts districts to reconsider funding requests

One district changed its plan to float a bond issue in the May election. Others could do the same.

Tracking the coronavirus: Why Idaho’s numbers don’t match

Here’s why the state and local case numbers vary — and, sometimes, vary widely.

Blackfoot buses meals to kids at home

The district’s “Bus Bites” program allows kids 18 years old and younger to grab a free lunch at their bus stop or outside of their elementary school.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

Finding lemonade in the big old batch of lemons the coronavirus has given us

Give credit to Gov. Little and the Legislature for their conservative approach to budgeting and preparing for an economic downturn.