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Why don’t some people vote? It can be a real mystery

Judy Ferro

It’s hard to imagine how someone could not care about some elections, voting and even getting involved.

Tax opponents find themselves unable to compete

Wayne Hoffman

No longer do districts have to make a strong case for a tax increase; they need only make the same weak case again and again until they get the result they demand.

Districts struggle to attract and retain qualified teachers

Dr. Geoff Thomas

Madison’s superintendent recommends that Idahoans address fiscal stability by offering highly competitive base salaries to educators.

It take a village … to build a healthy city

Richard Jackson

Educators, politicians and community leaders must all work together to fight childhood obesity by promoting health.

Otter’s overlooked federal spending order

Wayne Hoffman

The withholding of federally administered dollars for high school broadband should be seen as a canary in the coalmine.

Legislative pages watch history unfold

Julia Horman mug1

House Page Julia Horman shares her experience working with the 2014 Legislature.

Good news to report in Idaho education


We will continue to work with the Governor’s Task force for Improving Education to ensure we are always spending our money in smarter and more efficient ways.

Idaho ‘report card’ grade is suspect

Steve Smylie

Idaho’s favorable grades on a school “report card” come from a conservative think tank, the American

Pre-K: A step towards a brighter future for Idaho children

P16 students

Four Treasure Valley doctors make a plea to policymakers and fellow citizens to learn more about the science of early childhood development and listen to parents who have experienced quality early education.

Pre-K fight to continue next year


While this year’s bill to start pre-K pilot programs may be dead, Rep. Hy Kloc wants to assure supporters of pre-K education that the next battle kicks off the moment the gavel drops ending the 2014 legislative session.

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